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Edda Wind Launches Edda Goelo Service Operation Vessel in Spain

Edda Wind has come up with Edda Goelo service operation vessel in Spain.

It is based at Astilleros Balenciaga, which also hosted the launching ceremony.

According to the company, it will have a “five-year contract for Siemens Gamesa at Iberdrola’s Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm off France.”

The project will be starting in the third quarter of 2023.

Edda Wind chief executive Kenneth Walland commented, "Launching is always a special moment in the building process and a milestone to celebrate. We are very pleased with launching our second SOV built by Astilleros Balenciaga, and to successfully witness Edda Wind's second launch this year.”

He further stated that the company is determined to deliver their ambitions not just for the company, but for the industry as a whole.

It has been reported that Edda Goelo will function as a mother vessel for turbine technicians and will also perform maintenance work.


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