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EDPR Sunseap joins hands with PlasticBean for floating solar development

Singapore’s leading clean energy solutions provider EDPR Sunseap has joined hands with PlasticBean for floating solar development.

The duo has agreed to form a plan for the usage of recycled plastics as a main ingredient for floating solar.

It has been informed that “Bluewave, a recycled material made entirely from ocean-bound and local post-consumer plastic waste, will support the solar farm.”

This latest development has been seen as a big step toward a 100 percent renewable future.

As per the report “,Bluewave’s circular model not only removes waste and prevents the use of more oil, it creates far less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture, therefore ensuring decarbonisation.”

“Using virgin plastic in the skeleton frame construction of renewable energy farms defeats the purpose - taking precious fossil fuels from the planet while aiming to reduce its dependency on oil” Archwey CEO Sjoerd Fauser, commented in a statement.

To be noted, virgin plastic made using oil is one of the planet’s biggest pollutants.


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