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Egypt To Have 3 Green Hydrogen Projects With 300 MW Capacity

Egypt is planning for three green hydrogen projects with a total capacity of 300 MW. All the three projects will be of 100 MW capacity according to Undersecretary Ahmed Mahiena.

He said, “Last year, in January, we had signed a letter of intent with Germany’s Siemens to establish a pilot project for producing green hydrogen. In March, we signed a cooperation agreement with the Belgian DEME Group to conduct studies on the production of green hydrogen in the country.”

“In July, we signed an MoU with the Itay’s Eni to evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of projects for producing green and blue hydrogen in Egypt. The three companies would be responsible for marketing and selling the surplus hydrogen abroad,” Mahiena added.

Egypt is also planning to invest around $4 billion to generate green hydrogen through the process of electrolysis as per Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker.

The Ministry is also planning to desalinate seawater with the help of renewable energy instead of using diesel. Before 2014, the country has a 25% electricity deficit and it has a surplus due to the use of renewable energy.

The country would also update its Energy Strategy 2035 and will include green hydrogen in it. Egypt also signed deals with Belgian, Italian, and German companies in 2021 for green hydrogen projects.