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EiDF Solar installs its largest energy self-consumption project in Spain

EiDF Solar has begun the implementation of a photovoltaic self-consumption project with a total power of 22 MW in the north of Spain.

This is the largest energy self-consumption project at the national level and one of the most relevant in Europe since it will have an estimated production of 22,754,979 kWh, which will serve to cover 30% of energy needs with clean and renewable energy. The execution of the project will consist of three simultaneous phases in PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) mode over 30 years and in various locations, and will be composed of 40,076 solar panels mounted directly on the roof on a total area of 200,000 m2.

The signing of this type of long-term contracts allows EiDF to establish lasting relationships with clients, and allows them to materialize their long-term energy transition commitments to third parties.

With this project, the company not only invests in cost reduction, but also promotes its sustainability and environmental commitment objectives, since it will mean a reduction in its carbon footprint by 50,563 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of 202,253 trees. planted.


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