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Ekhi will supply 30% of the homes in a municipality of Seville with solar energy

The Ekhi company has acquired an 11.3 megawatt (MW) solar plant in the town of Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville) to supply more than 22,600 homes with renewable electricity, that is, almost 30% of the total number of homes in the municipality. The photovoltaic installation is expected to reach a production of 22,460 megawatt hours per year (MWh/year). The operation, which was completed at the end of October and was mediated by Carmen Mateas, founding managing partner of the Mateas Abogados firm, specialized in the telecommunications and energy sectors, was carried out through the acquisition of the project by Ekhi Energy, S.L to Jinko Power Limited, which appears as the majority owner, and to the Visasur group and other shareholders.

Luis Fraga, the general director of Ekhi Large Scale, has highlighted the strategic importance of this acquisition for the company, whose business is dual and is based both on the generation of greenfield photovoltaic projects and on the acquisition of attractive projects in areas with high radiation: "This operation strengthens Ekhi's vertical growth to provide more value to other business lines, such as our marketing company Ekhi Power." Currently Ekhi has almost 30 MW of photovoltaic projects with feed into the grid and another 20 MW of self-consumption projects.


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