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EMA selects YTL PowerSeraya to develop 600MW hydrogen-enabled CCGT

The new unit is expected to be commissioned by end-2027.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) selected YTL PowerSeraya to develop a 600-megawatt hydrogen-ready Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, following a request for proposal in July 2023 to ensure the country’s energy security.

In a statement, EMA noted that it received four proposals for a new CCGT unit expected to be commissioned by end-2027.

“The construction, ownership, and operation of the new power plant by YTL PowerSeraya will support the reliability and security of Singapore’s power system. We look forward to further investments by the private sector in our energy system," said EMA Chief Executive Ngiam Shih Chun.  

Singapore established a Centralised Process Network where the EMA will maintain a forecast for electricity demand and will conduct a request for proposal for the private sector if it deems there is insufficient generation capacity.

Before the implementation of the process, generation companies decide on their own investments in new power generation.

In a separate statement, YTL PowerSeraya said the new unit will be developed at its Pulau Seraya Power Station site and will cost around $800m. The new unit will be at least 30% volume hydrogen-ready and could be expanded to 100% in the future.

"We are honoured to be awarded the first RFP and be entrusted with the responsibility of constructing the hydrogen-ready CCGT at PSPS. YTL PowerSeraya is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to contribute to Singapore's energy security and environmental goals," said YTL PowerSeraya CEO John Ng. 


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