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Emeren Group concludes acquisition of 86 MWp solar project portfolio in Spain

Emeren Group has concluded the acquisition of an 86 MWp solar project portfolio in Spain.


The solar project developer acquired the project from Negratin Global Services.


According to the company, the portfolio includes 13 solar power projects ranging from 6MW DC to 14 MW DC. The projects are in Ready-to-Build status. The projects are likely to generate an estimated 166,471,371 kWh/year of energy upon completion.

The company further stated that these projects will be enough to power around 51,380 households in the region. It means the project will reduce local vehicle emissions by 19,544 annually.


Besides, Emeren will also implement Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) on the existing sites for solar projects.


Yumin Liu, CEO of Emeren Group, was quoted in a statement, “The portfolio perfectly aligns with Emeren’s strategic vision for propelling renewable energy in Spain and worldwide.”


Likewise, Enrique Diaz Hinojosa, CEO of Negratin Global Services, remarked, “This acquisition resonates with Negratin’s dedication to renewable energy and fosters sustainable practices.”


So far, Emeren Spain has an advanced-stage portfolio of over 300MW in solar capacity and 100 MWh of storage, with a robust 2024/2025 pipeline surpassing 4 GWs.


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