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Empowering Clean Energy: Cambodia's Solar Park Project Sets ASEAN Standard

Cambodia National Solar Park Project of Prime Road Power with a capacity of 77 MW in Kampong Chhnang had the opportunity to welcome Mr. Scott Morris, Vice President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and his team, along with H.E. Dr. Praing Chulasa, Managing Director of Electricite du Cambodge (EDC).

This project has been under development for a few years since winning the bid in 2019, working closely with ADB and EDC. It aims to be a model for renewable energy project auction and development in the ASEAN region, not only in Cambodia.

In addition to generating clean energy at a low cost (the lowest tariff in ASEAN currently operating), the project also supports gender equality by building knowledge and providing technical jobs for women in Cambodia in the energy industry.

ADB and EDC plan to increase renewable energy capacity and use energy storage systems to help increase grid flexibility. It is hoped that PRIME will have the opportunity to further support the transition to clean energy in the region.


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