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Empowering Tenants: Kyritzer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Initiates Photovoltaic Project for Tenant Electricity

Kyritzer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft has implemented one of the largest tenant power projects in Brandenburg together with national photovoltaic and tenant power supplier Einhundred Energie GmbH. Since the beginning of this year, tenants in 120 apartments have had the opportunity to purchase cheap solar power. This is Kirits’ first tenant power project. The buildings are three existing buildings. The housing association completely modernized and redesigned the building and outdoor areas together with photovoltaic systems. The total output power of the photovoltaic system is 220 kilowatts. The solar modules will be installed in the second half of 2023. Residents of the three buildings have been benefiting from solar energy since early 2024.

"The cooperation with Einhunder is progressing smoothly and quickly. Since the beginning of this year, the first tenants, including us, have been benefiting from cheap green electricity from the rooftops," says Gabriele Schuster, Managing Director of Kyritzer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft. Through this project, your company reduced 105 tons of CO2 emissions within the building. This is an important step in Kyritzer Wohnungsgesellschaft’s strategy towards the decarbonization and sustainability of buildings.


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