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Enel Green Power kicks off construction of a solar-plus-storage project in Chile

Enel Green Power has kicked off construction of a solar-plus-storage project in Chile. The project has a 67MW battery energy storage system (BESS).

The project will combine 80MW of PV with a 67MW BESS. The Don Humberto Park project is located in the Metropolitan region.

Enel Green Power is part of the oil and gas producer and utility Enel.

It has been reported that the Don Humberto BESS could have 268-335MWh of energy storage capacity. To be noted, BESS projects will primarily be monetised through capacity market payments in Chile.

As per local reports, “four-hour duration energy storage projects will receive 95% of the headline tariff for capacity market contracts.”

It is often said that the Chilean electricity market has the second-widest price spreads in the world.

This all comes at a time when Chile is building several energy storage projects.


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