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Energy Storage is a Key Strategic Asset for the EU’s Industrial Future

Europe’s energy storage sector is a global leader in clean tech, but oftentimes, its role is not fully recognised by policymakers. This hinders necessary investments, as resources are deployed where there is clear political commitment to energy storage. In this sense, the Green Deal Industrial Policy offers an optimal opportunity for the European Commission to do so. Energy storage should be considered in the context of the harmonised European Union industrial capacity goals for 2030. This would be a game-changer and a signal of clear political commitment. In the past, EASE highlighted that an energy storage strategy with targets would put Europe’s industrial policy on track for net-zero.

EASE agrees that simplification and acceleration of incentives is needed to make Europe attractive and competitive. Especially as energy storage firms struggle to access finance, better support schemes and aid should be made available to ensure clean tech deployment. Lengthy permitting and skilled labour shortages are also barriers to the energy storage sector, so it is positive that the European Commission is looking at these matters.

As the Green Deal Industrial Policy progresses, EASE urges the European Commission to reinstate and expand its ambitions for the energy storage industry in securing our net-zero future.


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