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EU extends three regulations for acceleration of renewable energy

The European Union has come up with an extension of regulations for the acceleration of renewable energy.


EU energy ministers have agreed to extend three emergency regulations, including Regulation (EU) 2022/2577 to 30 June 2025.


Issuing  a statement, the Council of the European Union informed that it will extend the regulations for an initial period of 18 months. This development comes to fight the energy crisis and advance the EU’s climate objectives by accelerating the permitting process for and the deployment of renewable energy projects, it said.


Among many, the regulation also includes permitting solar module installation on rooftops.


It stated that “permission can be considered to have been granted for solar installations with a capacity of under 50kW and solar installations of this size are not required to conduct environmental impact assessments.”


Besides accelerating renewables deployment, other regulations include reducing high energy prices.


“The extension of the three emergency measures allows us to ensure the stabilisation of the energy markets, alleviate the effect of the crisis and protect EU citizens from excessively high energy prices,” Teresa Ribera, Spanish deputy prime minister and minister for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge, was quoted in a statement.


To be noted, this is not the first time when the EU has launched plans to accelerate energy transition


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