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Europe’s Largest Port Plans To Become A Major Hydrogen Hub

Europe’s largest port is poised to become a key hub of a new “hydrogen economy” with numerous projects now underway along its 42-kilometer length. The Port Authority and many port-based companies are now preparing to build the infrastructure required for a complete system of local and international supply and demand converging on Rotterdam.

Their confidence became apparent earlier this month, when the city, the Port Authority, and South Holland Province signed a joint statement with nearly 70 port-based operators and business partners in (potentially) exporting countries.

They affirmed their ability to supply Europe with at least 4.6 Mt of hydrogen annually by 2030. It was their ‘offer’ to European Commission executive vice-president Frans Timmermans, now actively advocating for the new REPowerEU strategy. Europe suddenly raised its goal for green hydrogen production and import to 20 Mt/yr by 2030. The Rotterdam signers are saying they can provide more than 20% of the European Commission’s target.

Among the signers were a wide array of ports and industrial groups with hydrogen ambitions. Their commitment occurred during the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition organized by the UK-based Sustainable Energy Council, which put Rotterdam’s wide-ranging hydrogen ambitions on full display.

Rotterdam’s wide-ranging initiatives anticipate both supply and demand of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. They should find support from the Dutch government, which announced its intention last month to invest €338 million in green hydrogen production and distribution.


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