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European Energy achieves milestone of 1GW of renewable energy capacity

European Energy has achieved the milestone of #1GW of renewable energy capacity.

This has been possible for the first time in the company’s history as this capacity is under its ownership.

The latest development is followed by the grid connection of wind parks Ouro Branco II in Brazil and Telsiai I in Lithuania.

According to European Energy, the grid connection consists of over #600MW of renewable energy capacity last year alone.

European Energy CEO Knud Erik Andersen was quoted in a statement, “We have just finished the most extensive annual construction program in the history of European Energy. In the past year we took the FID on #839MW of renewable energy capacity. Considering the tremendous hard work of our staff, there is no reason why we should not exceed that in 2023.”

It has been reported that the produced power correspondes to around 400,000 tonnes of CO2.

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