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European Energy and Vestas to demonstrate new offshore wind technology

European Energy has entered into a partnership with Vestas for test and demonstration of new offshore wind technology.

The duo plans to make the Danish city of Frederikshavn a center point for this new wind technology.

It has been reported that three out of the five planned test sites will be used for Vestas’ newest V236-15.0MW turbine model.

Currently, these sites are under development by European Energy for several years. The sites are located off the coast near the city of Frederikshavn.

European Energy company chief executive Knud Erik Andersen commented, “We look forward to our cooperation with Vestas in turning the city of Frederikshavn into a focal point of future offshore wind turbine technology."

He further stated that upon successful operation, Denmark can stand as the global centre for the testing of future offshore wind turbine technology.

According to Vestas, its latest offshore wind turbine V236-15.0M was launched in February last year. It is now producing the first prototype that is expected to be constructed in the Danish onshore test center Osterild.

Vestas offshore wind technology head Christian Gjerlov remarked, “The position will provide us with a unique opportunity to test the offshore wind turbines close to our factories and research facilities in Denmark prior to the serial production and export to the global market."

Both the companies are confident that if this project gets successful, it will play a key role in their future offshore wind business.


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