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EVN predicts rise of power consumption in Vietnam

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has predicted that the average power consumption will rise in Vietnam.

It forecasts that the consumption will grow 6.4% to 793.8 million kWh per day in July.

This comes as heat waves are expected to hit the northern and central regions, a local report stated. Electricity demand rose strongly in June as all three regions in the country were hit by heatwaves.

To address the issue, EVN has planned to "continue with measures to ensure electricity supply for socio-economic development and people’s daily life, while ensuring safety of the electricity system and gradually removing its financial difficulties."

According to EVN, "it will optimize the capacity of hydro power plants with good water flows, while thermal power plants fueled by coal and gas will be operated depending on demand."

Also, it will expedite projects and their construction pace including the Vung Ang – Quang Trach 500kV line and the Chu Se 220kV transformer station.

According to EVN, it along with its subsidiaries started work on 67 projects in the first six months of the year, out of which 49 electricity transmission networks are in operation.

Meanwhile, EVN plans to invest more in clean energy to meet the rising demand for power in national development.

EVN expects to achieve 5,500 MW of electricity from renewables by 2025.

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