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ExxonMobil investigates green hydrogen in Norway

ExxonMobil has agreed to collaborate with Grieg Edge, North Ammonia, and GreenH to conduct research on the production and distribution of green hydrogen and ammonia for low-emission marine fuels at its Slagen terminal in Norway in an effort to decarbonize the marine industry.

According to the study, the terminal could generate up to 100,000 metric tonnes of green ammonia and 20,000 metric tonnes of green hydrogen when powered by hydroelectricity.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that hydrogen will supply 10% of the world’s energy requirements by 2050 and is “critical” to achieving net-zero global emissions.

The project is also a component of Norway’s hydrogen road map, which aims to build hydrogen hubs along the nation’s coastline.

Claiming that the agreement highlights the company’s strategy to supply ammonia where there is a market need. In order to assist in decarbonizing challenging sectors of the global economy, ExxonMobil is also looking to pursue additional clean fuel projects involving carbon capture and storage (CCS) and biofuels.


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