First Hydrogen speed up green hydrogen plans in US

Since there is now substantial backing for renewable energy, green hydrogen, and zero-emission mobility, First Hydrogen has announced that it will speed up its green hydrogen ambitions for the US market.

In light of the recent passage of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, the company has launched First Hydrogen Energy (USA) and First Hydrogen Automotive (USA). The law allocates $369 billion for combating climate change and increasing energy production. U.S. fleet clients will soon be able to purchase the company’s hydrogen fuel-cell cars.

The Inflation Reduction Act is viewed as a crucial piece of policy assistance that will lead to a massive growth of renewable energy and the industrialisation of several critical enabling technologies, such as green hydrogen production. Green hydrogen is a zero-emissions energy option because it produces only water vapor as a byproduct. It’s created by passing an electric current through water in order to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. When electricity is generated using renewable resources, hydrogen production is considered environmentally friendly (hydropower, wind, solar).

Producing and supplying green hydrogen, refueling stations, and next-generation hydrogen-powered fuel-cell light to medium commercial vehicles, First Hydrogen provides a zero-emission alternative. Two hydrogen demonstrator vans owned by the company are presently undergoing final preparations for road testing. Company officials have stated that four environmentally friendly manufacturing plants are currently under construction in the United Kingdom, and that preliminary research into the potential for similar developments of environmentally friendly hydrogen sites in Canada has begun.

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