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France announces emergency measures to accelerate renewable energy

France has come up with the emergency measures to accelerate the development of renewable energy in the country.

The measures were announced after several wind and solar projects were hit hard by by inflation. The energy transition ministry unveiled its first series of measures to speed up renewable power development.

According to the ministry of energy transition, these renewable projects are “essential to reinforce as quickly as possible our energy independence and to accelerate our carbon-free electricity production,” a local report mentioned.

As per the government estimation, 6-7 GW of solar-generated electricity and 5-6 GW of wind-generated electricity could be directly impacted.

“In this period of high inflation, the increase in the cost of construction materials is leading to the delay or even suspension of many renewable energy production projects, as their real costs are no longer covered by the state-guaranteed purchase price of electricity or biomethane,” the ministry’s statement mentions.

Currently, France gets around 20% of its electricity from renewable sources.

France produces around 10GW of solar energy, while the government has a target to increase this to 100GW by 2050.

Regarding the wind sector, the country currently only has one active offshore wind farm located off the coast of Saint-Nazaire. It has been reported that there will be six other wind farms within 2027.

It produces around 16.5GW of wind-generated electricity, while it has aimed at production output up to 26GW by 2023.

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