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France to build 40GW of offshore wind farms by 2050

France has been considering building at least 50 offshore wind farms totalling 40GW by 2050, according to an announcement made by French President Emmanuel Macro.

As part of a renewables push, the country unveiled such planning.

Earlier in its 2020 Multiannual Energy Program, France had aimed to tender 8.75GW of offshore wind by 2028.

The President further said that the country will "need more detailed maritime planning to define suitable areas for wind development" to achieve the offshore wind target.

“We continue to develop industrial employment and investments” so that wind targets “are accompanied by job creation throughout our territory” he was quoted in a report.

Meanwhile, the country further plans to increase installed solar capacity to over 100GW by 2050. In addition, onshore wind has been expected to be doubled by 2050 from the 18.5GW installed at the end of last year.

The President also said that the country needs to massively develop renewable energies to meet the immediate electricity needs of the country.


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