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France to hold a tender for 1GW offshore wind farm

France is all set to hold a tender for 1GW offshore wind farm in the Sud Atlantique zone this year.

The French government came up with this decision following the response from a recent public consolation phase.

It has been reported that the wind farm could be reduced to 800MW later. It is based in a 180 square kilometre area off the west coast.

The grid operator RTE is responsible to provide a connection for the wind farm. However, there is no confirmation about the developer.

“The surface areas of the areas selected for the bidding procedures relating to the two parks will be gradually reduced during these procedures, taking into account the results of the technical and environmental studies which will be carried out there or are already carried out by the State and RTE,” a government official was quoted in a report.

As per the local reports, the French government will “follow up the auction with a second 1GW offer at a later date.” The second farm is based within the 250 square kilometre area.

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