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Fusion Fuel starts certification of new solution for green hydrogen

Fusion Fuel, a Portuguese firm specializing in solar energy and ecological hydrogen solutions, has conceptually invented an electrolyzer that enables the direct conversion of solar energy into hydrogen.

ISQ and TUV SUD will initiate the certification of this solution’s operational parameters. In Évora, the first Hevo Solar system will be installed.

ISQ will support the unique and world-reference initiative that aims to revolutionize hydrogen generation, since the microelectrolyzer enables very cost-effective production, a milestone that was not projected to be attained until the end of the decade. “The service will be carried out by a joint venture between TUV SUD and ISQ,” explains Pedro Matias, president of ISQ, in a press release. “This will allow the consolidation of numerous technological competencies of these two significant industrial companies.”

ISQ, a private and independent organization, has been assisting partners with licensing, risk assessment, construction supervision, commissioning, and certification of systems, equipment, and green hydrogen plants. The group’s offer for green hydrogen is comprehensive, “encompassing the many phases of the value chain, from production to usage, and maximizing safety, dependability, and sustainability,” according to a statement.

ISQ’s experience with H2 began in 2004 when it participated in the pioneering European project Naturally, which explored the impacts of introducing hydrogen-natural gas combinations into the European transportation network.


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