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GameChange Solar supplies solar trackers for over 500MW projects in Southern Africa

GameChange Solar, a global leader in solar tracking solutions, has secured contracts to provide its Genius Tracker™ solar trackers for four new solar projects exceeding 500 megawatts (MW) in Southern Africa. These projects aim to bolster energy supply across the region and contribute to a stable electricity grid, particularly for critical mining operations.

Three of the projects are located in South Africa, including a Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Program (RMIPPP) project in the Northern Cape and two private sector projects supporting mining operations in the Northern Cape and Limpopo regions. These initiatives aim to enhance energy self-sufficiency and promote economic growth in the country. The fourth project, located in Zimbabwe, represents phase 1 of the Zimplats solar plant, dedicated to powering the Zimplats platinum mining operation.

The selection of GameChange Solar for these projects underscores the collaborative efforts between private entities, government agencies, and energy stakeholders to prioritize sustainable development in Southern Africa. The investments highlight the crucial role of reliable power supply in driving regional progress.

GameChange Solar’s commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions in Southern Africa is further demonstrated by the establishment of a training and service center for its Genius Tracker products in South Africa. This initiative aligns with the region’s focus on sustainable development and reinforces GameChange Solar’s dedication to supporting local solar energy growth.

Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar, emphasized the significance of utility-scale solar projects in Southern Africa, particularly in addressing the region’s energy challenges and transitioning to clean energy sources. Botha expressed pride in GameChange Solar’s local team and training center, poised to facilitate the growth of solar energy in the region.


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