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Gauteng Premier Tours Innovative Green Village Solar Microgrid Project In South Africa

In a groundbreaking move, Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi embarked on a tour of the innovative solar microgrid project named “Green Village” in Alexandra. This government-led initiative aims to provide sustainable power solutions to underserved communities, with the 1-megawatt solar-powered plant set to supply approximately 500 households in the informal settlement.

Premier Lesufi affirmed the government’s dedication to extending this groundbreaking initiative throughout Gauteng, declaring, “Our solar farm is poised to illuminate sections of Alexandra township. By the conclusion of this political term, an additional 14 townships will be disconnected from the grid as we augment our power capacity.”

Accompanied by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC Mzi Khumalo and City Power technicians, Premier Lesufi witnessed the successful implementation of the Solar Gas Turbines project, a key element of the Gauteng Energy Response Plan.

The day-long program began at the Tsutsumane Marasteng (PV Micro Grid) in Alexandra, highlighting the government’s dedication to sustainable energy solutions. The itinerary included a visit to the Johnware Substation in Newton, Johannesburg CBD, where crucial upgrades to electricity power stations were underway.

Expressing satisfaction with the progress, Lesufi stated, “We are proud that, starting next month, this power station will be revitalized to deliver much-needed electricity to the people of Gauteng.”

City Power, overseeing the Solar Gas Turbines project, initiated refurbishments initially scheduled to begin in March. However, the process has already started, involving the replacement of outdated cables and the installation of new valves. Plans are also underway to replace the substation’s engine for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

These advancements in providing power to informal settlements mark a significant stride toward inclusive development and sustainable energy access in Gauteng.


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