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Germany: Electricity market data for 2023

Overall, generation from renewable energies in 2023 was 251.2 TWh, around 7.5 percent above the previous year's value of 233.7 TWh. At 118.7 TWh, onshore wind generation was around 18.0 percent higher than in the previous year (100.6 TWh). At 23.5 TWh, generation from offshore wind systems was 4.9 percent below the previous year's figure of 24.7 TWh. At 55.2 TWh, the feed-in from photovoltaics remained at the previous year's level (55.3 TWh). The less sunny weather after the record year of 2022 was compensated for by the strong increase in output in 2023.

Generation from conventional energy sources totaled 197.2 TWh. Compared to 2022, it fell by 24.0 percent. Overall, hard coal production was 36.8 percent lower in 2023 and lignite production was 24.8 percent lower than in 2022.

Compared to the previous year, natural gas generation was 31.3 percent higher. In 2023, the network load fell by a total of 5.3 percent to 456.8 TWh (2022: 482.6 TWh), and (net) electricity generation fell by 9.1 percent to 448.5 TWh (2022: 493.2 TWh) .


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