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Germany has selected 1.79 GW of onshore wind and 264 MW of solar projects

Germany has selected 129 onshore wind farm projects with a combined capacity of 1,795 MW and 125 proposals for rooftop solar systems totalling 264 MW in the latest tender rounds in the two categories.

The onshore wind auction which sought to allocate 2.48 GW was once again undersubscribed. As many as 135 bids representing a total of about 1,836 MW were submitted within the deadline but six of the bids were excluded from the process due to formal errors, the Federal Network Agency said on Friday.

Successful projects ranged from EUR 0.0725 (USD 0.079) per kWh to the maximum permitted value of EUR 0.0735 per kWh. At EUR 0.0734 per kWh, the volume-weighted average price is only slightly below the cap.

The regional distribution mirrored that of the previous tender round, with North Rhine-Westphalia securing 32 awards, totalling 379 MW, and Lower Saxony receiving 17 awards, with a combined capacity of 319 MW. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania followed closely with 16 successful proposals, totalling 274 MW, while Brandenburg obtained 14 awards, totalling 244 MW.

In the tender for solar installations on buildings and noise barriers, 194 bids with a combined capacity of 378 MW competed in the round. The Federal Network Agency excluded nine bids from the auction due to formal errors.

Eventually, 125 bids of a combined 264 MW were accepted. Bids ranged from EUR 0.069 to EUR 0.0948 per kWh while the volume-weighted average price stood at EUR 0.0892 per kWh. This is below the reduced maximum value of EUR 0.105.

The winning projects have been evenly distributed across regions in this round. Contracts were awarded to projects in 14 federal states. The majority of awards were granted to projects in Lower Saxony (27 awards, totalling 58 MW), followed by North Rhine-Westphalia (23 awards, totalling 45 MW), Bavaria (13 awards, totalling 27 MW), Rhineland-Palatinate (10 awards, totalling 27 MW), and Hesse (10 awards, totalling 26 MW).


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