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Germany initiates a 5.5 GW tender for offshore wind energy in the North Sea

Germany's Federal Network Agency today initiated an auction for three areas in the North Sea designated for hosting 5.5 GW of wind capacity.

Developers keen on these sites, situated about 110 km (68.35 miles) northwest of Borkum Island near the Dutch exclusive economic zone border, have until August 1 to submit their proposals, the agency said on Wednesday.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) conducted a preliminary investigation of the areas, gathering data on the marine environment, subsoil conditions, and wind and oceanographic parameters. Last week, BSH confirmed the suitability of the zones for tendering by the Federal Network Agency.

The data collected during the investigation will be made available to all interested parties as part of the call for proposals. Successful bidders no longer have to carry out these studies.

The selection of winners in the bidding process will be determined by a point-based system. Up to 60 points are allocated based on the financial value of the bids, while qualitative criteria can contribute an additional 35 points. These qualitative criteria encompass factors such as the percentage of renewable electricity utilized in turbine production, the adoption of environmentally sustainable commencement practices, and the duration of long-term electricity supply contracts to third parties.

In the previous tender for pre-examined areas in 2023, which allocated a combined capacity of 1,800 MW, the total revenue generated amounted to EUR 784 million (USD 851.1m).


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