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Germany launches 2.1 GW solar tender: 20 MW project cap remains in place

Germany's Federal Network Agency has launched the second round of the tender for ground-mounted solar projects, inviting developers to submit bids for a total capacity of 2.147 GW by July 1.

Although the legal changes known as Solar Package I, aimed at accelerating solar deployment, have already been approved by the German authorities, their implementation is still pending approval from the European Commission (EC). As a result, these measures have not been applied in the ongoing tender round. The changes include raising the upper limit for single projects from the current 20 MW to 50 MW, setting a higher price cap for special solar projects such as agrivoltaics and moor-PV, and introducing minimum nature conservation criteria.

The maximum value for this round is EUR 0.0737 (USD 0.079). Once the Solar Package I is cleared by the EC, a separate sub-category within this tender will be established, introducing a maximum rate of EUR 0.095 per kWh for agrivoltaics, floating solar, and solar systems on carports and moors.

In the first round, the Federal Network Agency awarded a total capacity of 2,234 MW to 326 successful bids, with prices witnessing a further decrease.


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