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Germany’s renewable energy installed capacity reaches almost 170GW in 2023

Germany’s renewable energy installed capacity has reached almost 170GW in 2023.


The country’s renewables increased by 17GW, which is an increase of 12% compared to 2022, as per the statistics from the Federal Network Agency.


The data shows that out of others, solar capacity addition was 14.1GW last year, which is double than that of 2022. It showed that the most solar capacity was installed in Bavaria in 2023 with 3.5GW.


This comes at a time when Germany has planned to achieve the target of 215GW for solar in 2030. Since last year, the total installed capacity was 81.7GW, it still needs to add at least 19GW annually to achieve the goal, as per local reports.


As per the official data, Germany added 2.9GW of onshore wind in 2023, with which the total installed capacity has reached 60.9GW. Last year, most of the wind turbines in Schleswig-Holstein entered into operation, while more permits were issued for onshore wind turbines.


So far, a total of 8.5GW of power is installed in the Baltic and North Seas.


“We have taken a big step forward, especially when it comes to adding photovoltaic systems. The expansion output has almost doubled compared to the previous year. These investments are further advancing the energy transition – last year, for the first time, Germany generated more than half of its electricity from renewable energies,” Klaus Muller, President of the Federal Network Agency, was quoted in a statement.


He further stated, “When it comes to onshore wind, we are not yet where we want to be. What makes me optimistic is that significantly more permits will be issued in 2023. This will pay off in increasing numbers of new additions.”

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