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Germany to call for 1.5-GW solar tender to enhance green power production

Germany is considering calling for 1.5-GW solar tender to enhance green power production and cut gas consumption in the short term.

The federal government plans to auction an additional 1.5 GW of P capacity as part of a special crisis tender. This will take place on January 15, 2023.

As per the regulation, the projects must not exceed 100 MW and the solar plants must be connected to the grid within nine months.

According to the the Federal Ministry for Economy and Climate Action, the third amendment to the Energy Security Act was already done.

It will enable “additional feed-in of photovoltaics, remove restrictions, provide more incentives for power production from biogas and accelerate grid expansion,” the ministry said.

The government's plan has been welcomed by agencies as the move will help to accelerate the potential for additional solar expansion.

However, according to BSW, the nine-month implementation deadline for the projects that will be awarded in the tender is too short. Besides, it also expressed concern over the planned increase in the capacity limit from 20 MW to 100 MW.


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