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GomunoInaki Makes a Smartflower PV Installation in Japan

A Japanese global trading company GomunoInaki has made a a “Smartflower” PV installation.

It has been installed at its headquarters in Nagoya in Japan.

According to the company, the Smartflower solar system was chosen to act as a symbol of its support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Besides, it aimed to encourage more companies across Japan to adopt sustainable energy solutions.

"We are very happy to have the Smartflower installed at our site,” Kimiyasu Kimura, Senior Director of GomunoInaki, was quoted.

He mentioned, “This charming and appealing Smartflower will act as a symbol of our commitment toward energy conservation and incorporation of reusable energy sources to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.”

It has been reported that the Smartflower comprises intelligent features with both efficiency and beauty. The Smartflower has a dual-axis tracking system.

SmartFlower Solar has installed thousands of Smartflowers in major companies worldwide. “We are honoured to add GomunoInaki to our global roster of blue-chip corporations,“Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar, stated.


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