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Google inks PPAs in Europe to achieve carbon-free energy by 2030

Google has inked two new PPAs in Belgium and the Netherlands in an order to achieve carbon-free energy by 2030.

The PPAs are expected to support the global company in meeting its goal to run 24/7 on clean energy.

According to the company, Google will acquire 23.8MW of renewable energy from Luminus in Belgium. It will be through four new-to-the-grid onshore wind projects.

It stated that the latest partnership will enable the company to keep its data centers

and offices at near 80% carbon-free energy in 2024. This has been calculated on an hourly local basis.

In Belgium, the company’s demand has continued to rise for its services.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Google has entered into a partnership with Eneco. With this, the company will purchase 153MW of clean energy from new-to-the-grid wind farms.

The global brand informed that this agreement will enable Google's data center and office operations to achieve carbon-free energy percentage by 20% in 2024.


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