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Goparity Drives €600K Crowdfunding for Spanish Solar Revolution

In a significant move towards sustainable energy solutions, Goparity, the sustainable finance platform, has initiated a crowdfunding campaign totaling €600,000, with the potential to expand to €800,000. The campaign aims to support Comunidad Solar, a pioneering venture facilitating remote self-consumption of renewable energy.

Comunidad Solar emerges as a groundbreaking initiative targeting the 65% of citizens and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Spain lacking sufficient space for traditional solar panel installations. Through remote self-consumption, individuals and businesses can generate renewable energy at Comunidad Solar’s photovoltaic parks in Fuente Álamo, Murcia, and consume it at their respective locations, free of geographical constraints.

The impact of Comunidad Solar’s model is noteworthy, with over 750 subscribers contributing to responsible production and consumption. This collective effort results in an annual generation of 2,352.24 MWh of clean energy and the avoidance of approximately 282.27 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to planting around 135,000 trees.

Goparity’s crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise funds through crowdlending, offering a 6.3% annual profitability. Investors, both individuals and companies, can participate with contributions starting from €5. The primary objective is to finance the acquisition of electricity production facilities and facilitate the commercialization of green energy through remote self-consumption.

Nuno Brito, CEO and founder of Goparity, expresses enthusiasm for Comunidad Solar, highlighting its transformative impact on energy generation and consumption. Eugenio García-Calderón, Co-founder of Comunidad Solar, emphasizes the mission to democratize access to renewable energy sources, reducing dependence on conventional electricity markets.

This initiative marks a significant milestone for Goparity, following its successful campaign supported by the CNMV to finance a Catalan company focused on electric bicycles. With 1537 individual investors and three companies participating, Goparity demonstrates its commitment to advancing sustainability and fostering a more environmentally conscious future.


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