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Government and Promigas discuss the use of green hydrogen

Irene Velez Torres, the Minister of Mines and Energy, met with Juan Manuel Rojas, the President of Promigas, when she was in Cartagena. They spoke about a variety of subjects, including energy transition, green hydrogen, and natural gas.

The President of Promigas brought up natural gas’s role in the energy transition in the middle of the discussion, claiming that it helps to alleviate energy poverty and offers several dimensions of financial and environmental well-being.

The Minister, for her part, reaffirmed that the Government would continue to secure energy independence while the process of transitioning to a far more sustainable and ecologically friendly matrix is being carried out.

“We are going to increase research, science, and technology in order to industrialize and make the most of all the resources and opportunities offered by the energy transition. According to Vélez Torres, this transformation process will be just, progressive, and social, with genuine community engagement.

Juan Manuel Rojas, on the other hand, discussed the portfolio of new low-emission solutions that Promigas is creating to help decarbonize the energy matrix in Colombia as well as the portfolio of new low-emission solutions that the business has to help decarbonize the Energy Matrix.

The Minister also emphasized Promigas’s Cartagena pilot project for the production of green hydrogen, stating that this was the energy of the future for not only Colombia but the entire globe. She also emphasized the role the business has played in improving sustainability, along with the development of one of the first green hydrogen generating pilot projects.

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