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Green hydrogen hubs to replace German liquid natural gas terminals

Germany has already announced its intentions to entirely eschew fossil fuel by 2035. In that effort, it is aiming to be able to take advantage of its natural gas infrastructure. That said, from the outside, it doesn’t look as though the country is moving in the right direction as it continues to build a number of new terminals that would make it possible to continue using the fossil fuel for several more decades.

That said, as the country works on ceasing its dependence on natural gas from Russia, the intention isn’t to keep using those terminals in the same way. Instead, the construction is being permitted in order to help meet the country’s energy needs today while setting up an infrastructure that can be converted for use with green hydrogen as it becomes more widely available.

In Germany, land-based terminals would take several more years for construction. Therefore, the German government has also rented a number of floating facilities. Those will be ready and able to begin receipt of liquid natural gas before the end of 2022.

Green hydrogen is not yet adequately available for Germany to immediately replace natural gas.

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