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Greenvolt to power 48 MW solar park in Portugal

Portuguese renewables company Greenvolt - Energias Renovaveis SA said today it has connected to the local grid the 48-MW Tabua solar power station.

The photovoltaic (PV) plant, which is the company’s first large-scale solar project in the Iberian country, required an investment of around EUR 40 million (USD 43.6m). Covering an area of approximately 90 hectares (222.4 acres), Tabua Solar consists of around 90,000 PV panels.

Greenvolt estimates that the plant will be capable of generating up to 60 GWh of renewable power annually. This output will be enough to meet the demand of some 60,000 families.

The facility is connected to the local grid via a 60-kV distribution line.


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