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Greenvolt to sell four solar PV projects and a wind farm project to Poland

Greenvolt is all set to sell a wind farm project and four solar photovoltaic projects to Poland.

For this, the company has already signed a preliminary agreement with Poland’s Orlen Group with the subsidiary Energa Wytwarzanie.

It has been informed that the projects will have a total capacity of 59MW. After the finalization, Orlen Group will have 700MW in its portfolio of renewable energy.

“The assets we are buying from the Greenvolt Group are yet another step in the transformation of our energy system,” Daniel Obajtek, CEO and President of the Orlen Management Board, was quoted in a statement.

According to the company, the Opalenica project consists of three solar photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 22MW. The second one is the Sompolno hybrid project, which has 26MW wind turbines and 10MW solar photovoltaic installation.

It informed that the Opalenica project will enter into full operational phase by the end of this year, and Sompolno by June next year. Greenvolt Power will be building both projects and bringing them to the operational phase.

Energa Wytwarzanie has an extensive expertise in the construction and management of renewable projects. It also plans to build PV Mitra (65MW) and PV Żuki (2.4MW) photovoltaic farms soon.


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