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Grenergy sells 77 MW of wind and 97 MW of solar in Peru

The sale of the 77MW wind power comes from the Duna Huambos project, with 37 MW in operation, and the 40 MW Nairas projects, in the development phase, according to Grenergy. The operation amounts to 60 million dollars, which could be increased by an additional 3 million.

For its part, the rotation of the 97 MW of solar energy comes from the Matarani photovoltaic park, which has an annual production capacity of 260 GWh. The transaction with Yinson Renewables, the renewables unit of the energy infrastructure multinational Yinson, includes the turnkey contract for the construction of the plant. The value would rise to 90 million dollars.

Grenergy has been present in the Peruvian market since 2016. With its own offices in Lima, it has a portfolio of projects in different phases of development of more than 700 MW of solar energy.

“These operations reaffirm Grenergy's ability to close agreements in the different countries where we are present and allow us to advance the objectives set in our ambitious strategic plan, while generating value and allowing us to obtain resources to continue growing supported by our own financing” said David Ruiz de Andrés, CEO of Grenergy.

Created in 2007, Grenergy Renovables has a global platform of more than 15 GW in various stages of development in the eleven countries where it operates in the European market (Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom), North America (the United States) and Latin American (Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia).


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