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Grow Energy partners with Huasun Energy for HJT solar modules in Thailand

Grow Energy has entered into partnership with Huasun Energy to launch cutting-edge Heterojunction (HJT) solar modules to Thailand.

Grow Energy is a Thai renewable energy company while Huasun is a leading innovator in the solar industry. It has been driving innovation in HJT technology with the world’s first collaborative platform for the industrialization of groundbreaking solar solutions.

The duo has already signed a framework agreement for the supply of 150MW of HJT modules. These solar modules will be used in different projects.

These projects also include a floating solar power plant in Bangkok, which will receive 60MW of capacity. The remaining 90MW will be used in ground power plants and distributed rooftop systems for industrial and commercial use, the companies shared.

As per the agreement, “Huasun will exclusively provide its high-efficiency bifacial HJT modules to power floating PV systems,ground power stations, and commercial distributed projects throughout Thailand.”

Regarding HJT modules, it has been popular in Thailand lately due to “superior power output, reliability, performance, and return on investment.”

According to Huasun, there is a grown interest in HJT technology in Thailand, along with other Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The company plans to expand its presence into the region and help accelerate the transition towards a greener future in Southeast Asia.


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