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Grupo Noria will produce 160,000 kwh of clean energy each year with its new photovoltaic self-consumption project

With this initiative, Noria - a purchasing group - hopes to stop emitting 42 tons of CO2 and achieve savings of more than 20,000 euros annually. This installation, which stands as an example of environmental commitment and corporate social responsibility, has been carried out at the company's headquarters, located in Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) and is made up of 288 Longi solar panels, which have a total capacity of 118.08 kWp. Furthermore, with a nominal power of 100 kW and backed by two Goodwe inverters of 50 kW each (model GW50KS-MT), Grupo Noria's solar infrastructure uses the ESDEC (CPX) Flatfix Wave Plus structure for an East-West configuration, which maximizes the capture of solar energy throughout the day.

Purchasing centers, such as the Noria Group, are entities that bring together a variable number of distribution companies in order to obtain, thanks to their purchasing and selling potential, better commercial conditions from suppliers. Noria, founded in 2013 and based in Barcelona, serves Novelec, Sinelec and Muntaner Electro as three of the most prominent firms, references in the Spanish market for the distribution of electrical equipment, air conditioning, plumbing, renewables and VDI networks (Telecommunications). ), and already has a total of 85 points of sale throughout Spain.


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