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According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gujarat would grow into the largest green hydrogen center in the world and draw investments totaling $8–10 billion from around the globe for the development of green hydrogen and its ecosystem.

According to Modi, the introduction of green hydrogen into the energy mix will cause a significant shift in the global energy order over the next few years.

“Just take a look at how big my dreams are. Along Gujarat’s coast, the largest green hydrogen hub in the world will be built. A significant amount of green hydrogen will be created. After addressing similar election rallies in the districts of Mehsana, Dahod, and Vadodara, Modi addressed a large crowd at his final rally of the day. “The entire ecosystem of green hydrogen would be established here,” he declared.

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future since it will be used in automobiles. “Green hydrogen is the energy of the future. The entire global system will shift. All energy sources will shift. And the pioneers in green hydrogen will be the leaders. Gujarat has already developed a policy in this area, and the Indian government has also taken steps in this direction. On Gujarati soil, we’ll witness investments coming from all over the world, according to Modi.

“An investment between $8 to $10 lakh crore would be made in Gujarat, creating thousands of new job prospects,” he said.

According to him, Gujarat will experience rapid growth in the coming years, and the coastal cities of Kutch, Saurashtra, and Bhavnagar will all experience significant inflows of foreign investment that will lead to the creation of new job opportunities due to the growth of green hydrogen.

Modi mentioned the projected Vedanta and Foxconn semiconductor manufacturing center in Gujarat, saying that it would be built in the Dholera neighborhood of Bhavnagar.

“Some individuals control the market for semiconductor production. Gujarat will witness the activity related to the fabrication of semiconductors thanks to an initiative by India. Dholera will witness this. The initiative will bring in investments of Rs. 1.5 lakh crore, Modi said, adding that the Gujarat government had inked an MoU with the corporations.

According to the prime minister, the project alone will generate 2 lakh jobs and will also help local small business owners, vendors, and suppliers.

Notably, this is the Prime Minister’s first official statement about the project’s location.


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