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H-TEC to provide 4 MW of electrolyzers for a hydrogen project in Germany's regional market

German electrolyser manufacturer H-TEC SYSTEMS said on Tuesday that it is supplying four of its PEM ME450 electrolyser products with a total volume of 4 MW for a regional green hydrogen project in Westre, North Frisia, near Germany’s border with Denmark.

This project, dubbed Grenzland Energie Kompakt, is set to create a regional hydrogen market based on green hydrogen and supply logistics companies and service providers. It is being carried out by Grenzland Buergerenergie eG cooperative, which used H-TEC’s electrolysers in its earlier green hydrogen initiatives in North Frisia.

The four ME450 electrolysers will have a total capacity of up to 1.8 tonnes of hydrogen per day, relying on surplus electricity from existing wind turbines and a 45-MW solar farm for hydrogen production. Any heat resulting from the hydrogen production process will used to heat agricultural greenhouses.

The Grenzland Energie Kompakt electrolyser array is scheduled for commissioning in early 2025, H-TEC said.

Grenzland Buergerenergie eG, based in Ellhoeft, already operates a hydrogen plant and filling station, with electrolysers supplied by H-TEC, five community wind farms and one ground-mounted solar power system.

“With the Grenzland Energie Kompakt project, we are creating a fully functioning hydrogen market in Northern Germany that is both scalable and transferable,” said project initiator, Reinhard Christiansen, Regional Chairman of the State Renewable Energy Association and Chairman of the Grenzland Energie eG Energy Association.


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