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Hamburg and Chile cooperate on green hydrogen

Hamburg and Chile have agreed to cooperate on specific projects for hydrogen technology and to move forward together in this area.

As a potential hydrogen supplier for Europe, Chile wants to create green export corridors and has now included Hamburg in the network after the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

Chamber of Commerce calls for better framework conditions

Hamburg’s business community is keen to participate in such projects. However, the conditions must be right, said Malte Heine of the Chamber of Commerce. Hamburg must create transport possibilities for hydrogen. It is also important that the EU creates a stable political framework for investments in Chile. The entire Latin American region needs a free trade agreement. Despite the hurdles that still have to be overcome, the cooperation agreement on green hydrogen is a step towards the future, said Mayor Tschentscher.

Business delegation accompanies Tschentscher

Tschentscher first traveled to Argentina on Sunday, followed by a visit to Uruguay before continuing to Chile. The mayor is accompanied by a 20-strong business delegation. Hamburg wants to give renewed impetus to trade relations with South America – especially in the energy sector.


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