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HDB Singapore awards SolarNova 8 to Sunseap Leasing for 130MWp solar installation

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) has granted its largest solar leasing tender to Sunseap Leasing, part of EDP Renewables APAC, under the SolarNova program. This initiative encompasses the installation of solar panels on approximately 1,075 HDB blocks and 101 government sites, with a solar capacity of 130 megawatt-peak (MWp), surpassing earlier estimates. The SolarNova 8 tender also introduces a novel advanced technology, developed in collaboration with EtaVolt, to extend the lifespan of solar panels by 4 to 5 years.

Novel Technology Enhances Solar Panel Lifespan

For the first time in the SolarNova program, the latest tender incorporates an advanced regeneration technology for solar panels. Developed by EtaVolt, this patented technology utilizes intense light to re-energize solar cells and repair them at the molecular level, extending each panel’s lifespan by up to 5 years. The process can recover up to 5% of the solar panel’s efficiency, depending on the panel structure, and requires annual regeneration activity.

Solar Energy Initiatives and Net-Zero Consumption

Since 2008, HDB has been a frontrunner in installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Singapore. Including the latest SolarNova 8 tender, HDB has committed a total solar capacity of 455 MWp, nearly 85% of its 540 MWp target by 2030. The harnessed solar energy powers common services in HDB estates, achieving net-zero energy consumption for common areas where solar panels are installed.

Elevator Energy Regeneration System (EERS) Retrofitting

In addition to the SolarNova 8 tender, HDB has awarded tenders to retrofit 4,000 lifts island-wide with the Elevator Energy Regeneration System (EERS). Chevalier Singapore Pte Ltd and EM Services Pte Ltd secured the tenders, with retrofitting works expected to commence in 2Q2024 and complete by 2030. The EERS recovers energy generated during lift motions and braking operations, reducing lift energy consumption by an average of 20%.

Sustainability Efforts and Future Initiatives

HDB’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Mr. Tan Sze Tiong, highlighted these initiatives as part of the Green Towns Programme, contributing to sustainable living in existing HDB towns. With SolarNova 8 and EERS, HDB aims to reduce energy consumption, create a more sustainable living environment, and explore additional green initiatives for the benefit of residents.


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