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HDF Energy and SAM develop hydrogen power

The French Embassy on July 25 hosted the signing ceremony for the corporation agreement between Hydrogene de France SA (HDF Energy) and Saigon Asset Management Corporation (SAM) for the construction of a chain of hydrogen and renewable energy producing projects in Vietnam.

Ambassador of the French Republic in Vietnam Nicholas Warnery, Deputy Director of the Economic Department Laurent Chopiton, and Director of Business France Yann de Kerlivio Frollo were present at the ceremony. On behalf of HDF Energy, Mathieu Geze, director for Asia, and Tran Khanh Viet Dzung, head of business development, were present. Managing director Kevin Flaherty and investment director Nghiem Xian Hoang represented SAM.

In the presence of guests, representatives of the two organisations signed an agreement during the ceremony.

The two parties will collaborate on the development and investment of stable renewable energy (Renewstable(R)), hydrogen gas power (Hypower(R)), and hydrogen energy projects in Vietnam in order to deliver clean, stable, and continuous energy that will eventually contribute to net-zero emissions.

This lays the groundwork for the parties to carry out their next operations in order to efficiently utilize the resources and advantages of each side in order to construct, operate, and commercialize power generation projects in Vietnam utilizing HDF’s exclusive technical rights.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Warnery stressed the significance of hydrogen energy and the focus of many countries, including the French government with its France 2030 framework, on the development and investment in clean energy sources.

According to the ambassador, the cooperation between HDF and SAM to commercialize hydrogen-based power production projects has enormous significance and potential, contributing to the realization of Vietnam’s 2050 goal of reaching net-zero emissions.

The ceremony of signing the agreement between HDF Energy and Saigon Asset Management lays the groundwork for the two parties to collaboratively construct a thorough cooperation strategy to use their collective resources and advantages to achieve the specified objectives.

At the ceremony, the heads of the two companies expressed their happiness and their belief that the signing of the agreement of collaboration would create chances for both sides. Now that the cooperation agreement has been signed, it is requested that the relevant affiliated units would promote the signing of contracts so that more operations can be implemented as soon as possible.

Louis Nguyen, chairman and chief executive officer of SAM, stated after the event, “The cooperation with HDF Energy in projects utilizing renewable technology is consistent with SAM’s investment strategy in clean and sustainable energy projects. We believe Vietnam can accelerate its path toward net-zero emissions based on its potential for renewable energy.


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