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Helexia brings 2.3 megawatts of self-consumption to 22 nursing homes in Spain

Specifically, the 22 residences that can benefit from the renewable energy provided by the sun are located in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Navarra, Castilla y León, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. In each of these centers, around 190 panels will be placed, which represent 105 kWp and will generate around 180 MWh of clean energy per year, around 30% of the energy demand of each center. In total, the 4,200 photovoltaic panels will produce more than 4,000 MWh annually.

This determined commitment to self-consumption will mean significant energy savings in the electricity costs of residences and will also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, specifically by about 20 tons per year per center and about 400 tons overall, which They are equivalent to the energy consumption footprint of about 1,100 homes. The environmental benefits derived from these savings will help Amavir promote sustainable development by balancing environmental impact and economic growth.

Lourdes Rivera, general director of Amavir: “older people always show great solidarity towards new generations and it is our obligation to try to preserve their legacy, among other things, the planet on which we live. This is the basis of our environmental policy and our decarbonization plan.”

Etienne Le Pargneux, director of Helexia Spain: “This is not just another project, it is a collaboration agreement for many centers that has required high planning and a lot of work to combine economy and ecology in a sustainable way.”


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