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Premiers of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, and the Northern Cape, Zamani Saul, have joined forces to sign a historic agreement to build a green hydrogen hub.

This is prior to Cape Town’s first-ever Green Hydrogen Summit. Through the agreement, efforts to create a Western SADC Green Hydrogen Corridor will be consolidated. According to Winde, it is a significant milestone in the collaborative effort to achieve energy resiliency.

“Because the world is so preoccupied with the issue of how to make the shift, I believe there is significant potential here. Because of our current energy problems and our reliance on a carbon-based energy system, I specifically mean South Africa more so than most other nations.”

According to Winde, South Africa’s first green hydrogen strategy was developed in the Northern Cape.

“Between the Northern Cape and the Western Cape, the Northern Cape is truly blessed with the ideal circumstances for solar renewable energy. When you combine solar and wind energy, you have the makings of a renewable energy source. Namibia also shouldn’t be overlooked. In my opinion, Namibia is also doing an outstanding job with this new market and is even ahead of South Africa.”


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