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Hopewind signs distribution agreement with PT STAR at Solartech Indonesia

Global leading renewable energy solutions provider Hopewind signed a distribution agreement with PT STAR during Solartech Indonesia, furthering expanding its market reach in South East Asia

On March 6th, Hopewind held a distribution agreement signing ceremony with PT STAR at its stand during Solartech Indonesia exhibition. According to the agreement, Hopewind will be supplying a whole package of its PV solutions covering residential, C&I and utility-scale solar applications, featuring its 5-10kW hybrid inverters, 100/110kW three-phase C&I string inverters,  385kW utility-scale PV inverters, as well as 250kW power converters to PT STAR, further expanding its market reach in Indonesia. 

Meanwhile at the exhibition, Hopewind brought its all-scenario PV solutions to the local customers in Indonesia. As Indonesia’s rooftop PV boasts a great potential of 32.5 GW, with 3.6 GW planned to be developed by 2025, Hopewind primly recommended its 100/110kW series three-phase string inverters to fulfill the market demands.

Characterized an impressive string input current of up to 20A, it is compatible with all high power modules including 182mm and 210mm modules. With a high DC/AC ratio of 1.6, oversized installation can be deployed to increase system yields and lower LCOE. In terms of system safety and durability, the all-new AFCI 4.0 incorporating active AI learning can detect fire arcing beyond 500m and realize rapid shutdown within 30ms, eliminating the fire hazard. The inverter is also equipped with PID recovery, allowing it to repair the degraded PV modules, prolong the life expectancy of the modules.


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