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HPGS signs deal with UK power operator

Hydrogen Power Generation Solutions (HPGS) and Landmark Power Holdings (LPH) have signed the first phase of an agreement for the placement and operation of HPGS’s unique Electro Hydrogen Generators, which will produce hydrogen to aid in the production of electricity for grid stability.

HPGS, a company founded in 2014, has created the only hydrogen electrolyser capable of creating GREEN hydrogen by utilizing waste heat, pressure, and inertia derived from natural-gas-powered generators. No other electrolyzer is capable of this, as all other hydrogen-producing devices require electricity.

Mark Gilmore, the company’s COO said,“What is most exciting about the HPGS solution is that it is the only, ‘REAL GREEN’ hydrogen production solution available anywhere in the World today. As we all know, PEM electrolysers need electricity to operate, and all the ‘Green Hydrogen’ business models today are based upon using surplus wind and solar energy to drive them. However, unless renewables have suddenly become available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is obviously not possible, the electricity required to create hydrogen will still need to come from fossil fuel or elsewhere. The HPGS Electro Hydrogen Generator doesn’t need electricity at all.”

HPGS is currently in discussions with a number of funding partners for the roll-out of their solution in the UK. Commercial Director David Newman said,“In funding discussions to date it has become clear that whilst we have the most innovative technology solution in the world available today, financiers are struggling to innovate as successfully with funding solutions, other than the usual straight- out-of-the-box P&L spreadsheet templates. The multiple variable incentives & fines involved with the ‘green hydrogen’ opportunity require new and innovative funding partnerships and I would suggest that interested funders contact us for a conversation first, as pitch-decks and the like won’t cut the discussions required to understand how big this opportunity really is!” David continued,“To say this is a multi-billion $ opportunity with no competitors really undersells it”.


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