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Huadian Group to invest $2.4 billion into green hydrogen plant at Quang Tri, Vietnam

Chinese state-owned enterprise Huadian is set to establish a $2.4 billion green hydrogen facility in central Vietnam in collaboration with local partner Minh Quang JSC.

The proposed project, recently presented to authorities in Quang Tri province, encompasses a 1,200 MW wind power plant, an 800 MW solar power plant, and a water electrolysis plant for hydrogen production, alongside necessary storage and transportation infrastructure.

Upon completion, the facility, situated within Quang Tri’s Dong Gio Linh industrial cluster, is projected to generate an annual output of 60,000 tons of hydrogen, generate $250 million in yearly revenue, employ 500 individuals, and contribute $27.5 million to the state budget.

Initial plans involve constructing a green hydrogen plant and a 200 MW solar power facility as part of the first phase. Quang Tri’s chairman has expressed support for the initiative and encouraged cooperation between relevant agencies and the companies involved to expedite project studies and approval processes.

Minh Quang JSC, a prominent Vietnamese business specializing in biofuel and clean energy, is spearheading solar power ventures in Dak Nong province. Huadian Group, a leading Chinese energy entity, has existing investments in Vietnam, including wind and thermal power projects.

Vietnam aims to establish hydrogen storage, distribution, and utilization infrastructure with a capacity of 10-20 million tons annually by 2050, in line with its national hydrogen strategy. The country also seeks to deploy modern green hydrogen production technologies, with plans to produce 100,000-500,000 tons annually by 2030, eventually scaling up to 10-20 million tons per year by 2050.

Construction has commenced on Vietnam’s inaugural green hydrogen facility in Tra Vinh province, anticipated to begin operations within two years, contributing to local employment and green energy production.


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